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Things to Do with Dad: Scrapbook Album with Veesun.

Hello there,This project was planned a long time ago, but I had all kind of hiccups on the way.Finally, it's done! And I am very pleased with the result. This project was made in collaboration with Veesun. They stock very handy scrapbooks, journals and accessories to create a unique scrapbook for your big and little memories.I have a tendency to do everything from scratch, albums included. Absolutely stunned when I realized that I can have a perfect base album already ready! Also, the classic clean linen finish makes it suitable for vintage, shabby or modern styles. But I got inspired by its black insert paper and challenged myself into creating a kid's album. Yeah, I know. Not my style at all! ...

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How to Create a Valentine’s Scrapbook with Veesun @Sarah Howe

I haven’t done any scrapbooking in ages. It is really quite sad! Basically due to lack of time and always having some blog work to do! When I was contacted by Veesun to see if I would like to review a scrapbook and do a couple of pages for Valentine’s creation, I thought this would be a lovely way to do a bit of scrapping again and do something nice for the husband. Who Are Veesun? Veesun stock beautiful notebooks (leather journals), scrapbooks and some accessories to make some beautiful memories or gifts for your loved ones or maybe just for you. You can buy these direct from the Veesun website or you can shop on Amazon too, as they have a store. On the website,...

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The Most Creative Gift Ideas for 2019 Valentines Day

As soon as Christmas is over, there is already the next opportunity to show the loved one what he or she means to you: Valentine's Day. Every year on February 14, lovers give smaller or greater attention as a testimony to their affection. Making the gift by yourself can be considered if you with enough time to plan that. The customization gift that gives a sense of romance and he/her will felt that both you and gift belong to him or her. Through a series of the details, she or he will be warmed inadvertently. The gift should be combined with the hobby of each other to present romance. Here are some creative ideas for Valentine’s Day Gift as below;...

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